Bike Accidents Detroit Lawyers

When motorists injure bike riders, our firm gets them accountable. For representation, contact our firm in Detroit right now.

If you were involved in a bike accident brought about by an irresponsible driver in Detroit, you may need the bicycle injury attorneys in our law offices on your side. Our Detroit bike accident attorneys understand cycling. We also understand how to handle any claim for a bike accident injury for the advantage of the cyclist who has sustained head injuries, bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries more news at car accident laywers based in Sacramento.

Preserving Evidence after a Bicycle Accident

Call the Detroit bicycle accident attorneys right after an accident involving a bicycle and a car. The motorist of the car or truck is often to blame. It is important to preserve proof by

taking photos

documenting road conditions

recording information about building sites

acquiring specific information about property damage

Well-preserved evidence will help us make sure that the maximum compensation available in cases of serious injury or wrongful death can be claimed.

Numerous clients have recovered sufficient pay outs in addition to decisions right after they had suffered catastrophic injury such brain damage along with spinal cord injury. We also represent relatives of riders of mountain bikes who happen to be killed in hit and run cyclist/vehicle collisions as a consequence of vehicle driver negligence or dangerous roadways.

Uncovering the Causes of a Bicycle Accident Detroit

The cause of a bike accident is not always black and white. We look beyond the oversimplified collision facts in the police report. Our firm conducts our very own investigation, moving further to uncover if another vehicle driver, or a dangerous road, or a poor product brought about or added to a bicycle accident or to the bicycle rider’s injuries.

Lack of indications or warnings of safeguards, dangerous or malfunctioning guardrails, or damaged traffic signals can make a trap for even cautious drivers. Faulty crosswalks or pathways can be risky to pedestrians as well as result in pedestrian personal injuries or wrongful death.

Cycle lawsuit Detroit

Are you currently involved in a bike accident? Looking for bicycle accident attorneys to assist you understand your legal rights? Our law firm has had an extensive experience dealing with Detroit bicycle accident cases and even can assist you with the settlement of your claim. Should you be involved in a car accident and need help and advice on your legal rights in a not at fault, liability claim bicycle accident claim, contact our lawyers.