Easter Gifts for Kids Is There an Age Limit

A lot of parents wonder if they should buy Easter gifts for kids if they’ve already put smaller gifts inside the Easter eggs that their kids will find and open on Easter day. if you ask kids they’ll demand that not only should they gets tons of Easter candy in their Easter eggs but that they should get separate Easter baskets full of other stuff they want. Most kids will be more than happy to provide you with a detailed list of ‘other stuff’ that you can put in their Easter baskets.

However that pretty much just kills the whole spirit of Easter. It isn’t even like you can take either one of the two things out of Easter but a lot of parents end up doing that because they can’t figure out where or how to draw a line between the spirit of Easter and the mile long wish lists that kids manage to cook up.

As far as Easter gifts are concerned, every kid deserves an Easter gift and combining an Easter gift with the Easter candy or the Easter chocolate is probably not a very good idea and is pretty much like filling the Christmas stockings but not putting anything under the tree. The thing is that as kids grow older the fascination with Easter crafts grows less for them and at one point or the other all parents will wonder how much longer they have until their kids forget all about it. Just to set things straight, kids don’t forget holidays that have even the remotest potential to bring in gifts. Try making Easter a give and take situation. Lots of kids are known to groan in utter anguish when they’re told they have to get dressed for a special Easter service and their disgruntled behavior lasts all through the car ride and sometimes even during the whole ceremony. Things like this and the subsequent deprivation of a decent Easter gift are more likely to distance kids from the holiday find out more here.

This doesn’t mean that you should bribe your kids with Easter chocolate, candy and other Easter gifts just to get them to take some sort of interest in the holiday. Parents tend to underestimate kids this way because holidays aren’t about material things to them and they are just as likely to celebrate an event as the next person. The only problem is that parents expect their kids to still go nuts over a bunny suit and a basket full of egg shaped chocolates. A little positive re-enforcement on the holidays can do wonders.


Instead of coercing the kids into going along with the Easter celebrations that you plan, ask them to plan something themselves. It could be anything like picking what to cook for Easter dinner or the Easter dessert. And don’t keep the threat of ‘if you don’t enjoy Easter this year, you’re not getting any presents next time’ over their heads. It makes the Easter gifts sound all the more like a reward for compliance. Get them at least one thing that they wanted for Easter and let them know in advance that they’re going to get more than chocolate eggs. If you have a family tradition of buying Easter clothes for the whole family, let the kids pick out whatever they like and don’t get upset if what they pick out doesn’t have a bunny on it.

As kids grow up, their way of celebrating any holiday is more than likely to change, and expecting them to remain the same is unrealistic. As far as Easter gifts for kids are concerned, a little digging around online will help you find Easter gifts and Easter party ideas that you can do with your kids.

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