What qualifies as male breast enlargement or Gynecomastia?

Breasts are essentially a part of the body that is much developed in the female gender to provide nourishment to the offspring, while the male gender lacks prominent breasts as they do not participate in breastfeeding. However, a prominent breast tissue in any male can be a real emotional and embarrassing condition. It can significantly bring down your self-esteem, and you might isolate yourself to avoid being the topic of mockery.


This significant enlargement of breast tissues is termed as gynecomastia which can be just a slight puffiness in the chest to a fully formed woman like breasts. If recently you have been noticing that your pecs don’t look as tight and toned as before, you might have a cause for concern as this could be the initial stage for Gynecomastia.

You need to know that Gynecomastia treatment is possible and that there are ways to reduce the size of your chest.

Now, more than often people get confused between excess fat storage in breasts due to weight gain and a well-diagnosed gynecomastia. Before you rush over to your doctor for further analysis, go through these steps to make sure you need to see a doctor or just lose some unwanted weight.

Step- I:

If this sudden development in breast size is timed with the onset of your puberty, you need not worry about it being gynecomastia. According to FamilyDoctor.org, which is a website of the American Academy of Pediatricians, more than 65% of 14 to 15-year-old boys faces unwanted formation of breast tissues during their puberty. This particular development is temporary and goes away within a year or two. So, if you are worried about this sudden development, it could be a result of your body adapting to a sudden change in hormones.


If you fear that the sudden growth could be gynecomastia, perform a self-check by feeling your breasts with the help of your hand. There is a big difference between tissue development and fat deposit. A fat deposit in your breasts will feel soft and even sag due to extra skin and weight, while an actual breast tissue development will be relatively firmer like that of a woman’s breast.


Both breast cancer and gynecomastia start with a hard lump just under the nipple. So get going and feel your chest for any signs of hard lump anywhere. If your breasts are smooth all over, it might just be that extra fat you have been consuming lately. But if you find any such lump, get an appointment fixed with your doctor as soon as possible because this lump could also be an evident sign of breast cancer in men.


The primary symptom of gynecomastia is un-natural tenderness which wasn’t present before. If after self-examination, you find out that your breasts are sore, you should immediately see you doctor and talk about what you observed and obtained a full report of the same.


If your nipples are puffy and erect, it could be a sign of gynecomastia. This adds up to the embarrassment as your nipples could be visible from under your shirts. This nipple erection is a result of the excess release of estrogen in your body.

While it could be difficult to differentiate between excess fat and real male breast enlargement, take help of your doctor as soon as possible to obtain necessary treatment for the same.…

Reasons why a Juicer should never leave your kitchen

When you take a look at an average teenager or adult in the US, most of them are obese or at least overweight. With an increase in the speed of life in big developed countries, people are opting the easier way out, i.e., Fast food. Diabetes which once was a disease for the old ones is now a common scenario among youngsters, and no one seems to be bothered.


People are more and more dependent upon hundreds of pills which pertain to a major cause for concern. To tackle these health issues numerous innovators and dieticians have introduced healthy meals and juices that can be prepared within minutes without much of a hassle. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it or replacing it can wreak havoc on your body.

There are some great specials on Juicers if you want to wait until Black Friday 2017 for the best discounted juicers on the market and prices that few retailers offer during the year.

How does a juicer help you in your daily life?

Starting the day with greasy, fat loaded food is harmful to your health because your stomach being empty early in the morning needs something that can be beneficial and relaxing, not something that causes gas or bloating. Running late for school or office doesn’t have to be unhealthy and here is how –

The morning Conundrum –

When you have minutes to prepare your breakfast, just pick a fruit or a mixture of different fruits from your fridge and put it inside the juicer and within 2-3 minutes you have a healthy glass of juice which can be a healthy alternative to burger or pizza and can save a lot of your time. Pair it with a whole fruit to stay full for a long time. Add some bread and butter on the side or even fresh sprouts, and you are good to go without having to prepare any time-consuming meal.

Pump up the floor –

Exercise is an essential part of your daily routine and exercising tends to drain a lot of energy from your body. Preparing a meal with all your energy drained out is like lifting the sky. The best option available at your kitchen counter is your juicer. You can just pop in a few fruits or maybe even vegetables and prepare the juice of your choice. This not only refreshes you, but you are also filled with a rush of energy, enough to prepare a good healthy meal for yourself.

Unannounced guests –

A juicer can also be your guiding star when you have nothing prepared in your kitchen for those unannounced guests. Show your juicing talent by experimenting with an array of juices whose recipes can easily be obtained from the internet. Prepare a delicious, colorful juice that is pleasing to look at and even tastier to drink.

Experimentation and developing skills –

With a juicer around, you can test your juicing skills now and then and prepare new types of juices every day by experimenting and just for the fun of it, which is also healthy at the same time.…

Mental Illness And Violence Are Not Same

Mental illness many times affects the person in some way. The mental illnesses are not the real illness. The general terms used for the mental illness has greatly been changed over the years. It is not about the regular ups and downs in the life. The mental illness always creates distress within a person. According to the researchers of the Singapore, the television and news are showing the false myths about the mental illness. It is completely false that mental illness creates violence within a person. The various reports and surveys have proved that the mental illness is nowhere linked with the changed behavior of a person. There is no evidence that a person who is suffering from mental illness is more violent than the others. But at the same time, some reports are there which completely contradicts the fact that the mental illness is the main reason for the suicides, homicides, and self-harm. Due to the psychotic illnesses, especially those with the complex mental illness people suffer the most. But the psychotic doesn’t mean violent. The violent nature of a person is not a symptom of the mental illness like schizophrenia. There is a small difference between the psychotic and violent.

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