Mental Illness And Violence Are Not Same

Mental illness many times affects the person in some way. The mental illnesses are not the real illness. The general terms used for the mental illness has greatly been changed over the years. It is not about the regular ups and downs in the life. The mental illness always creates distress within a person. According to the researchers of the Singapore, the television and news are showing the false myths about the mental illness. It is completely false that mental illness creates violence within a person. The various reports and surveys have proved that the mental illness is nowhere linked with the changed behavior of a person. There is no evidence that a person who is suffering from mental illness is more violent than the others. But at the same time, some reports are there which completely contradicts the fact that the mental illness is the main reason for the suicides, homicides, and self-harm. Due to the psychotic illnesses, especially those with the complex mental illness people suffer the most. But the psychotic doesn’t mean violent. The violent nature of a person is not a symptom of the mental illness like schizophrenia. There is a small difference between the psychotic and violent.

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