Bob Hair Styles Beauty Tips

Bob hairstyles – A bob cut can be your choice of hairstyle in 2012. This hairstyle is likely to actually become a trend in 2012.

Coiffure ‘Bob’ is identical to short hair model that only for women. Bob style has always been on the hook with a piece on the extent of shoulder and can be equipped with edge or not. short hairstyle allows women to perform any activity without disruption of hair. Get your makeup brush set on our websites today.


Long Face Shape

Leave bangs to offset a long face shape. Avoid a bob straight because this model will make your face look even longer.

Heart Face Shape

Choose a bob cut that fits straight without an accent layer. Avoid bob with side that is too heavy as heavy layers or waves on the right side and left the hair as it will ‘eliminate’ dramatic cheekbones.

Oval Face Shape

avoid using bangs too much / hard.

Face Shape Box

The texture of bob hair style is suitable for your face shape since it gives smooth effect for a stiff jaw. You can use a textured bob hairstyle with accents and dynamic layer.

Round face shapes

You do not fit with a long bob hairstyle on the chin because it will make the face look more round. Get a haircut with long bangs or side bangs that would make the face look longer.

few bob hairstyles that are popular:

A-line Bob

A-line bob will give a narrow sense on the face, it is highly recommended for those of you who have wide or round face shapes. In addition, it gives the impression of a sleek. stylish Bob type is also intended to give the impression of a rather long neck, it is perfect if you have short neck. This model will provide a more narrow so that your face will look longer.

Bob with side bangs

Bob with side bangs combines short hair with bangs that leads to the side. Fine hair type will be very good with this piece because it will make it more volume. Side bangs will give a soft impression on you, side bangs that leads to the front to frame your face. Therefore, the pieces of this model is suitable for round face shapes that tend to be somewhat oval to show the impression of a little longer face.

French medium length bob will give you the slimmer. To get more volume, take some parts of hair down squarely on the shoulder. Hair that extends at front of face gives the impression of a longer face. Therefore, this model is very suitable for round face shape.…