What Makes A Person More Violent?

According to several studies, the people are more violent when they consumed more amounts of drugs, alcohol and didn’t get proper treatment which ultimately leads to the change in behavior. Apart from this, the crime statistics have also confirmed that the change in the behavior of a person mainly depends on several other factors. These factors are being a young adult, being men, having a troubled childhood which is still affecting the present and mainly the over dose of the drugs and alcohols. It true that some people who are having the mental illness may behave in an unnatural way that looks strange to others. The reason behind this is their issues which are dealing regularly but still; they are stuck in their way. People experience a change in behavior which ultimately affects their decision-making process, forces them to stay away from the discussion and sometimes feels embarrassed and ashamed around the other people. So it is quite clear that they are different from the others but poor decisions and choice doesn’t mean they are violent and arrogant. There are other factors which affect the mental conditions of a person like poor and bad parenting of the family members.

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