What You Should Know When You Are Just Starting Working Out

How to work out properly

Are you considering to start working out? that’s a very good idea. Its healthy and a very good way to pass time and have fun when you are idle or bored.

For first timers, working out poses a lot of challenges from having muscle cramps and pain all over the body to having no idea where to start. These factors may sometimes take a toll on beginners and in the end they may end up throwing in the towel.

In order to avoid this a beginner needs to be physically and mentally prepared in order to ensure success. They are also required to have goals they want to archive, which will act as a motivational factor.

Before starting an intensive work out routine a beginner should first start with light work outs, this helps in preventing injuries and also conditions the body. Below we shall discus different types of work out routines that a beginner could start with before going a notch higher and intensifying their work outs.

1. Jogging.

Before a beginner starts working out they are supposed to be physically fit. Jogging increases an individuals lung capacity and helps in reducing fatigue when a beginner is working out helping them work out longer and better. Depending on a beginners goal, jogging helps is shedding a lot of fat and improves the health of the heart too.

Benefits of jogging

2. Press Ups.

Beginners should not under estimate the power and the impact press ups have. Press ups build, strengthen and broaden the entire shoulder, arms and the chest. They are discouraged from going into the gym and start training with weights immediately.

Press ups are a safer way a beginner could start training before moving up and start working out with weights, a beginner exposes themselves to injuries and a lot of pain if they start training with weights when their body isn’t ready.

3. Sit-ups.

If a beginner desires to loose that belly fat and have a flat stomach sit ups are an easy work out routine that could solve that. Sit ups are relatively easy and do not need any special equipment to start working out. In order to ensure sit ups have a better effect a beginner should ensure they are doing as it ups correctly with the right technique.

4. Squats.

Squats built build the lower body, the back and help the body become more stable. At the gym a beginner should start squatting with very light weights as they progress. Unless they have a partner who will act as a back up, a beginner should avoid squatting with heavy weights.

Squatting with heavy weights is dangerous and could cause very serious injuries and even death if not done properly. If a beginner does not have the opportunity to go to the gym they could just squat using the weight of the body. When squatting they should ensure the back is always straight and not curved this helps in preventing back injuries.

5. Planks.

There are two different types of planks, full planks and side planks, both of them help in reducing the stomach while strengthening and building stomach muscles. Unlike sit ups which only built the front stomach muscles planks built the front and the side muscles. When doing planks they should ensure the entire body is straight.

6. Skipping ropes.

Popular with children, skipping ropes is a fun way a beginner could start working out without necessarily having to go to the gym to work out. Just like jogging skipping ropes helps a beginner become fit. Skipping ropes can be done at home and it is not as dangerous, it is very easy and any body can do it including children.

7. Star jumps.

Just like squats star jumps helps in building the lower body. It is a good work out routine for beginners because it does not require any special equipment and can be done even at home.

Working out isn’t easy in order to archive their goals, beginners should always remain motivated and ambitious.

However they should always be aware that they could get injured while working out, in order to prevent this they should always warm up and streach well before and after a work out cession, they should also use the proper techniques and most of all they should ensure they eat well and drink enough water to replenish the lost water.